Essay on Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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Social media plays an important role in connecting people around the globe within a minute. The use of social media is rapidly growing among people to build new connections. Although people have their individual cultures and traditions, social media bonds people from diverse culture and allows them to know different cultures and traditions around the world. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube are the most popular social media websites around the world which are widely used for many purposes.
In the business, social media is getting popular among small business, companies, and corporations to promote products, branding the company, hire people, and build connections at the global level. Social media shift the perceptions of business communication and brought business users to the social media platform to do professional networking. New Social media tools such as “Twitter and Facebook, have reached the mainstream, forcing many traditional businesses to adopt new ways of communicating with customers. (Taylor 1)” Business recruiters use Facebook and LinkedIn to hire people and build business connections.
For instance, Facebook is a popular social website which has millions of users around the world. Facebook is just not about posting pictures and sharing status; it is a platform for many business companies to promote their brands and provide job opportunities to talented people. According to the new study, Facebook has a great economic impact of $19.86 billion…

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