Social Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

1345 Words Dec 7th, 2016 6 Pages
Nowadays everything is more convenient and accessible due to advances in technology almost all the areas. Social media is taking over many people’s day by day lives and people cannot imagine their lives without social media. Social media is becoming ever more present in our society and has had a huge impact on the way many people interact. This impact on social interactions have caused negative and positive effects on a large scale. And understanding these effects can help society to understand who we are as people and as a community. It is inevitable to ignore the fact that nowadays social network plays an essential role in teenagers’ lives. Most youths are spending at least an hour in these popular social media sites. Generally, 1 out of 15 minutes, which are spent online by most of those who can access the internet is spent on Facebook according to Shea Bennett. One may ask how spending all that time on the social media sites may have a positive impact on them. Well, social media helps the youth and any other user updated with what is happening around the world, help the teenagers stay connected and interact with each other even if they are many miles apart. This strengthens their relationship even if they finished school and moved to different locations they stay connected and update one another. In addition, social media sites have provided a platform whereby the youth can create groups and pages based on their common discipline and end up building connections and…

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