Social Media And Its Impact On College Students Essay

1316 Words Sep 26th, 2016 6 Pages
Anyone with a computer or a smartphone knows new social media apps almost endlessly continue to vie for attention. The popular social media managing platform, Hootsuite, declares that myriad new apps are added every day, which makes the discovery of a constructive one can be like finding that needle in a haystack. (Fontein, 2016) With this amount of proliferation of new apps, it is expected many will rate controversial. Since the millennial generation has grown up essentially with their smartphone in hand, there is little wonder these controversial apps affect many current college students. Some of these controversial apps take the form of the anonymous post, for example, Yik Yak. Others are ones that set up “blind dates” such as Tinder. While these types of websites, dating, and hiding behind a screen name, have been around since the dawn of the internet age, these two particular ones, Yik Yak and Tinder, have warranted scrutiny by authors exploring controversial social media apps for current college students and their influence.
Anonymity is nothing new on the internet. Since the early days of the widespread use of internet forums, the disguise of the wily screen has been the norm. It could be argued it was not until Facebook required users real name that this trend began to change. Mark Zuckerberg, founder, and CEO of Facebook favors the end of anonymity on the web to thwart trolling and harassment across social media and the internet. (Daily Mail Reporter, 2011)…

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