Social Media And Its Impact On College Age Students Essay

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Just Be U
We as a group wanted to reach a large number of individuals for a significant number of challenges and obstacles that we all face in our lives. We wanted one place to be able to go to for help with all sorts of gender issues focusing generally on college age students, yet would also help others. The best way we knew to impact a large number of people was of course through social media, Facebook. From there we started developing what topics we wanted to cover as well as the resources and information we wanted on the page. Our themes were topics on bullying, depression, suicide, domestic violence, rape, L.G.B.T. issues liking coming to terms with identity as well as support groups to help all issues.Many of these are closely linked as a result from having lost self esteem and identity issues. It would also be a platform if anyone had questions on these topics or needed further help. We promote standing in your truth as how a person identifies in their gender. Let’s take bullying as a topic for our page, a person that feels they are being bullied, yet felt alone and as if there were no place to go to feel safe or get any help on this specific topic. They may have heard about our page on campus or through social media so they go to our page and see the variety of help that we have listed for bullying support yet still have questions so they message us and from there we tried to find the right help for them using more of our references. Obviously we…

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