Social Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Every gender, age , and size has always suffered self-esteem problems. People have always been worried about their weight but the internet has caused problems. The development of social media has increased the number of men and women that have self-confidence problems leading to eating disorders. Being able to see how every person looks in this country has lead to people judging themselves. 24 million people suffer from eating disorders and social media is to blame.
Before social media was created the only people you laid eyes on were the people that lived in your neighborhood or in your town. So not observing a lot of people didn 't cause jealousy or desire to resemble certain people and if they did, they didn 't go to extreme measures to achieve it. In the 1950s the average hip size of a woman was 37inches and that was the hip size of the mannequins. From the 1950s until the 20th century men and women were accurately represented with models and mannequins.
Nowadays the appearance of the average men and woman and the models are completely different. The average hip size is 37 inches but the mannequins hip size is 31 (Radar). Even the weight of both is completely different. The average woman weighs 140 pounds and a model weighs 117, so most models meet the criteria for anorexia (Radar). Plus size models use to be between size 12 and 18 but now they are between size 6 and 14(Radar). Social media…

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