Social Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

1282 Words Oct 23rd, 2014 null Page
Even though there have been vast improvements in social networking site’s privacy and protection abilities it is still a dangerous and evolving territory that needs far greater improvement before people can stop being hurt. Something so new and so easily accessible to such a large number of people is bound to have negative and adverse effects. With all these cases of cyberbullying and the amount of fake profilers out there, privacy settings and ways to weed out fake profiles needs to be a priority for the creators and developers of these social networks As social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram become increasingly prominent in the lives of America’s youth, society continues to see its impacts reflected in the lives of students. To some, social media acts as a way to improve interpersonal relationships amongst youth. Many use it to keep in touch with childhood and now long distance friends due to college or simply as a means to get information out to the masses as quickly as possible. Let us face it, we have all casually stalked a friend at one time or another to see how they were doing with the use of social media. To others, however, social media is serving as a substitute for a real social life. As time goes on society sees increasing amounts of cyber bullying and a rise in the popularity of television shows such as Catfish where individuals create alternate personalities to pursue online romantic relationships without revealing their true…

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