Social Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

776 Words Jul 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Social media is a platform to tie each independent person closer. It allows us to share our personal life and fun event trough software on the website. People can talk to one another who lives in more than hundred miles away, via social media. Social media let people post the picture, talk with other online, and upload the video, and all their friends get to know more about their life through social media. Sharing your interesting and your personal life story help you to let more strangers get to know you and have a chance to become one of your close friends. There are tons of user using social media, so people have more chance than face to face communication to make friends with common interest via social media. Social media help us in forming and maintaining the close personal relationship.
People can get more social and speedy information from their friends, and have a deep conversation when they do face to face conversation. If someone posts his picture and his life events on social media, his friends can start efficient communication when they meet each other in face to face. Besides, in the past years, if we want to express our feelings and experiences about our life, we need to talk with friends by face to face, which waste more time to explain what we suffer. On the contrary, we just spend several minutes making our friends know about what happened through Facebook or other social media. Additionally, if people start their conversation about their personal life…

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