Essay on Social Media And Its Effects On Society

1878 Words Dec 16th, 2016 8 Pages
Social Media has been a platform for celebrities to share their personal life online. They perform everyday acts like gym sessions, going to a club, or a famous Hollywood premiere. Celebrities share their every move through social media applications like YouTube, Snap, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Vine. Through these technological lenses, audiences feel connected to celebrities in such a way that they feel like they know everything about the stars that they admire. Celebrities create this illusion and get paid for their publicity. Most of them get paid to advertise brands like clothing lines, supplements, hair products and weight loss pills. This does not only increase their stardom but it also makes people feel like they are part of the celebrity’s lifestyle. They do this in such a way that makes fans want more and more of them. Most of the fans that are targeted are young children. They see these celebrities as “role models” and mimicked their every step. From the way that they dress to how they act. But how far is too far, to illustrate a life online that is not realistic? Should celebrities take accountability for their actions if the action that they display is not the whole “truth”?
In the article by Sarah Barns titled “NOT SO REEM Amy Childs’ accused of epic Photoshop fail… but is it the first time she’s digitally altered her snaps?” The author speaks out on how Amy Childs the twenty- six-year-old U.K actress, model, and fashion designer has altered many of her…

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