Social Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

1134 Words Oct 5th, 2015 5 Pages
Social media is a combination of internet and other technologies that people use for social networking. These social media is becoming and is popular among people in this generation. The internet is making it possible for people to communicate even when they occupy the different physical location. A person on the western side of the globe will get to know whatever is happening in the east within a matter of seconds. The world is a global village since people can connect and pass important information at any time using internet infrastructure. People’s communication and interaction through the internet is evolving each day. New social media, websites and blogs are coming up after a short period. Provided one is logged in to these sites, he or she can meet other people online. The number of subscribers is growing each and every day. For instance, Facebook has over 1.4 billion subscribers who spend most of their time posting issues and commenting on the posted issues by other users. However, this is not a problem, what matter is how they are using their language on the social site. These social sites are affecting how we communicate with our friends, relatives and teachers for the case of students. This essay will discuss these impacts of social media on the way we communicate. The article will also give examples of how users are misusing these sites. It will also provide recommendations of how social media users should utilize these sites.
Overuse of social media is deviating…

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