Social Media And Its Effects On Society Essays

1779 Words Mar 31st, 2016 8 Pages
Today’s addictions are not drugs or alcohol but rather social media; social media is a keystone to our everyday life. It doesn’t matter if we are sitting at a traffic light, getting ready in the morning or in the middle of a test, we feel a need to check our phones and social media constantly. It’s a type of anxiety if we fail to check our phones every five minutes. It really affects us mentally, leaving us with many new age issues like loss of attention to detail, reduction in our ability to retain information has decreased, and just an overall drop in performance and productivity. So how does this translate to the rest of our lives? Well as students, the majority of us are addicted to our devices and it’s a constant distraction in our school work. What if there, however, was a way to solve or rather improve social media to our benefit? I’m proposing that we should embrace social media. Rather than use it to check Twitter or Snapchat, we should instead create apps and websites that bring social media into the classroom. Tools like blogs, Student FAQ formats, podcasts and many other online tools can create a collaborative learning environment and improve students’ performance and work ethic. Through these tools, we can create a vast new network for students to learn at anytime and anywhere.
There are multitudes of problems with social media affecting us as students like restrictions placed upon the use of and the distraction of social media. So why are students so fixated…

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