Social Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

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How often is social media used, and for what reasons? 94% of teens say they use social media everyday, and when used in an unsecure setting it can be harsh (Lenhart). With the pressure to fit into the “norm” of society, kids can often be cruel. Many teens become the subject of online bullying. This makes teens become self-conscious and depressed. Overall, the world today exposes society to many different forms of social media, which can often lead to cyberbullying.
What is Social Media?
Social media is used by everyone. 71% of high schoolers say they utilize more than one of these social networking sites: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine and Tumblr (Lenhart). These sites can benefit people, but can also hurt them. The creators of these sites did not intend for people to abuse them. They were made for everyone 's enjoyment. They can also be very informative and relaxing. Unfortunately, when people continue to misuse social media there can be serious consequences.
Social media is an advantage when used correctly. A good use of it is to keep in touch with long distance family members. It keeps family, people do not often see, involved in their lives. Social media sites are a top news hotspot for 27.8% of Americans, positioning beneath daily papers (28.8%), but above radio (18.8%) and print distributions (6%) (Social Networking Sites Good?). Big stories that make the news, normally make it on social media sites too. Also, people can meet others with…

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