Social Media And Its Effects On Society Essay example

1364 Words Mar 31st, 2016 6 Pages
Many of us can agree that the world has become increasingly interconnected. We live in the technological age. Prior to this, we were in the Industrial Revolution, focusing on industries and factories. That was the first step to modernization. The second step of modernization would be the creation of advanced technology like computers, which we later installed social media apps into. Whether we like it or not, the world we live in is quickly becoming advanced and is constantly changing. The question that should be focused on is if the benefits of social media really outweigh the negative ones. Some people argue that the interconnection brought on by these apps bring positive effects, but this is not really the case. Right now there are thousands of social media apps. The largest and most famous ones include instagram, twitter, facebook, and vine. Information is spread rapidly. Social media has many negative effects that can harm our mental health. It also is starting to promote a bad image to teenagers in this generation. Cyberbullying has been a prominent issue in today’s society as well as misleading body images to people, especially women. Issues. Overall, too many people are abusing their powers on social media, and the things put out on the internet should be more monitored and controlled.

Most importantly, the world is abusing its powers on the internet. Fifteen years ago social media apps did not exist and now are taken for granted. Social media not only connects…

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