Essay Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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Skinner 1

It seems society has always been stable in America. Today it has gotten carried away and no one really seems to care. Kids are killing themselves, obesity is at its highest, people are phone addicted, and the list keeps going on. Not many people are speaking out against it and less people are acting to change things. Society has many problems and we need solutions before it is too late.

There are so many things happening right now that we don’t even know some of the major things. People ignore some important things and only focus on the good. With phones, people just look at what other people are doing or eating that day. Most of social media is unimportant and a waste of time. We aren 't focused as a nation. We need a wake up call.

A problem with society is an obsession with cell phones. The average American spends 162 minutes on their phone each day. That is so much wasted time that could be used for more important things. If someone stays on their phone long enough for a few years their spine starts to move in the way they looked down at their phone. There is a risk for being on it so long. The light that shines off it also disrupts someone 's sleep. Cell phones have made some people socially awkward. If some people didn’t have cell phones and they were lost, they wouldn’t ask people in person to help them. When some people are walking down the street, they feel uncomfortable making eye contact and speaking to people. Cell phones can ruin…

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