Essay on Social Media And Its Effect On Society

1824 Words Nov 29th, 2014 null Page
From the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, humans have begun to rely heavily on machinery and different technology. With the invention of the microchip, The United States economy began to boom, and the economic growth rate rose to numbers that no economist had expected. With this new technology, society has new responsibilities. Different technology, especially computers and phones, has allowed us to easily contact and converse with other people. Many young teenagers today readily have a phone available to them. Many of these teenagers have different accounts on social media sites. These social media sites have allowed individuals to meet new people and strengthen relationship with friends. However, as history has showed us many times before, people have made a good thing into something that can also be used for evil. Before technology and social media, bullying occurred mainly on the playground or somewhere around school. However, with new technology that allows individuals to send and post pictures and opinions in only seconds, bullying has been able to occur online through these social media sites. The new question is not whether cyberbullying is wrong or right; the question is how to prevent and punish it. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, but it does not give humans the right to attack and damage another person’s emotional stability. Laws should be implemented and parents should be educated about “cyberbullying.” The Center for Disease control has…

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