Social Media And Its Effect On Society Essay

1888 Words Oct 21st, 2015 8 Pages
It is no exaggeration to say that sometimes, the first dialogue between my roommate and I happened in social media, WeChat, it might sounds incredible but it is true portrayal of us- the social media generation.
As we all know that in recent years, the introduction of social media as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, QQ,and microblog has changed the means through which people make friends and keep contact. Especially among the younger generation, such social network has gained great popularity. To avoid being labelled as "out of style” or "uncool", it leads a rush of using social media among all level of society. In spite of the prejudice held by the older generation, which surely is because they find technology is updated too fast for them to adapt to, the social media is gradually accepted by the main stream society as its evergrowing stock price is an apparent index of its prosperity. What’s the magic of social media that makes us be so addicted to it? We will not get bored to it, we need it in anytime. In my opinion, there is some positive effects that social media have brought to us, so that social media can become the apple in our eyes.
The first positive effect of social media is that communication of social media is not limited by space, we can chat with others, know what happens to our friends or the person we are interested in where there is Internet with our tools such as computers, mobile phones and pads. Therefore, though social media does bring us convenience to…

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