Social Media And Its Effect On Society Essays

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We have learned many things over the course of this semester. To me the most interesting portion of anything to do with communications would be social media. The reason why is relatively simple. Social media has been there since people were around. From the time of Neanderthals to present day as I sit here and type this. Social media has been around as long as communications has been around.
If I had to define social media I would call it something loosely along the lines of a message of some type distributed through a medium that makes that message visual or more tangible to the recipient. This paper will be about how social media has been there from the beginning, there may be a small bit in there about the effects of social media throughout history.
Let’s start out with one of the easier example in primitive history. Roughly 40,000 years ago one of the first example of social media appeared. It was nothing like today’s social media, but it was a stepping stone in the right direction. Communication has taken baby steps over history this is one of those small steps.
Back in the time of Neanderthals they communicated through cave paintings. Images of things such as animals, hunting and hands were most common among the cave paintings. The most well-known area with cave paintings would have to be in France there have been over 340 caves discovered with these kinds of paintings in France and Spain Back in ancient times this was how people communicated.
Another notable…

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