Essay about Social Media And Its Effect On Society

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Social Media Prevalence Today

Ever since the dawn of the Internet, nonverbal communication issues have decreased. Adolescents, especially, have taken advantage of this wireless technology in order to communicate with friends across the nation in seconds—by utilizing one of the most recent, prominent, and convenient forms of social interaction: social media. Since its introduction in 1997, social media has not only grown in popularity but also in its capabilities and convenience (“The History of Social Media”). Nineteen years later, it is supported by laptop computers, phones, iPods, and even some refrigerators, allowing teenagers of the current generation to have potentially unlimited access. Social media has become convenient and widespread to such a degree that The Pew Research Center’s reveals 94% of teenagers with mobile devices go online at least once a day (Lenhart “Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015”), and Northwestern University’s report on network communication finds that 73% of these internet users spend the majority of their time on social networking sites (Cingel). This modern form of networking has created an entirely new world for the majority of teenagers in America and has become one of the most prominent influences of social behavior of teens 13-18 in the modern era; therefore, social media is affecting how teenagers form relationships, interact, communicate, and relate to one another.
Forming Relationships with Peers Social media is…

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