Essay on Social Media And Its Effect On Society

1685 Words Dec 7th, 2016 7 Pages
The practice of social media has erupted drastically throughout the past decade. Millennials and even grandparents are all well-versed in the age of technology and the discoveries of social media. From Snapchat to Facebook, and even finding employment on sites like LinkedIn, social media has completely consumed the twenty-first century. From this, the culture of social media has also begun to develop. Even though social media has many advantages towards making daily tasks easier to cope with, there are many disadvantages to a world that is completely consumed by virtual reality and how people perceive others online. The idea of body image among today’s youth has become not only extremely prevalent in schools and colleges, but it has also made international headlines. Internet trends and body ideals have now altered society to only deem certain human characteristics as acceptable and unacceptable. Social media stars and celebrities have set the tone for the rest of the world with one single click of a button. A small percentage of people with millions of followers on social media sites are now able to influence how people view themselves. The trend of “following the leader” has caused a detrimental downfall in the originality of human beings and how they internally and externally communicate with one another. Literature Review The topic of body image and its correlation to social media has recently become a highly researched topic among communication scholars and…

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