Social Media And Its Effect On Society Essay

2243 Words May 12th, 2016 null Page
Many students in school would end up being bullied and harassed by another person that tends to do it because the bully feels they have the power to do. In many cases the bully does not understand what the person getting bullied goes through both at home and school. Bullies use multiplies way in which they victimize others to emotional abuse, physical abuse, or even both, one of which includes the use of social media. By utilizing this method to harass others, bullies feel a certain affirmation in their authority where the bully think they have the ability to speak however they want without explicitly verbally abusing their victim. Social media is a impact on everyone life, especially teenagers. Social media plays a big factor in teens life. Social media changed the way everyone communicate with each other, this makes it easier for anyone to post and say horrible rumors about someone they don 't like. Bullies harassed and bully their victim on social media because the bully wants everyone want to see and get attention from everyone else. Bully would spread rumors, post a picture of the victim. This causes the victim to get hate and bad comments from everyone that is able to see these stuff about the victim. The impact of one being harassed and bully is bad. This is because they have to go through so much hate and means comments from everyone else. Bullying on social media can cause big impact on someone, usually it causes the victim to feel down and not want to do anything…

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