Essay about Social Media And Cultural Change

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Social Media and Cultural Change
In modern times, culture and social media have become so symbiotic that it is difficult to talk about one without considering the other. Is social media good for a given culture or cultural change or is it bad? Due to the complicated nature of culture and social media, it is very difficult to make such judgments. There are a few conclusions that one can draw from this relationship. Cultural change can be rapid or slow and it seems with the world-wide popularity of social media platforms that cultures around the world will change at a more rapid pace than ever. Secondly, with more access to values, beliefs and norms of other cultures, it seems the “Global Village” is getting closer by the day.
Before discussing the relationship between culture and social media, some definitions have to be made to better understand how one affects the other. When the term “Culture” is mentioned, many ideas begin to surface on exactly what that means. In addition, culture has somewhat different means depending on the context to which it is applied. For instance, there are different variables involved with societal culture, corporate culture or even academic culture. For instance, an appropriate definition for culture in the workplace would be, “a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization.” (Merriam-Webster) Conversely, the definition would change slightly when referring to a society. In this case the definition would be more…

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