Social Media And Brand Reputation Essay

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Social Media and Brand Reputation
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Date of Submission: Wednesday, November 05, 2014 Introduction Corporate reputation is a valuable asset to any company in the business world. This paper is an argumentative essay on how the social media may build or destroy a brand. Social media with the increased internet connectivity infrastructure worldwide has proved to be a very powerful tool. It companies us this resource intelligently companies are likely to grow their market share rapidly proportionally to the brands. On the other hand the social media if not well managed it can as well ruin the company’s reputation. This can be through improper use of the platforms available or attacks by rival companies. The paper will include the opportunities available for the social media users and companies as well as threat in existence in the cyber space. At the end of this essay there shall be a few recommendations and conclusion concerning the effects of social media on brand reputation (Warin, et al., 2013).
Social Media has enables the world population to send over six hundred million messages within 24 hours. This fact is overwhelming. The main concern in this essay is how many massages are related to companies and their products and what are the negative or positive effects of the messages on the companies’ brands. Twitter as a social network has proven to be the most efficient way that a company can…

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