Essay about Social Media Advertising

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Internet Advertising: Social Networking
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BUS 123 Introduction To Advertising
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Internet Advertising
Now more than ever, small businesses can promote themselves online by targeting customers and expanding their networks, often for little or no cost. Businesses can promote themselves through a variety of techniques such as targeting customers by demographics, contributing to online discussions and drawing attention to new services. Advertising in the 21st century has become very versatile because of various online social websites like Facebook and Twitter, along with other blog atmosphere websites like Pinterest and Craigslist. In the last decade, the explosion of
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Compared with traditional media the cost of internet advertising is extremely low, and because of its effectiveness and its high potential for growth, it is ideal for small and medium businesses that do not have large resources to invest in other media. Then the questions arise: how to advertise online? What is the correct way to? There is no magic formula that a media planner can you use but here are some suggestions. Due to the internet being global, the network gives the possibility to reach all audiences in the world. With internet advertising one must include, email, search engine registration, and banners which are ads with motion graphics which are located in different sites of the network as a gateway input to a website. Using email as a form of advertisement is easy and free. All that is required is to sign up for email with your internet service provider or a free mail server such as Yahoo mail or Gmail and send emails to the potential customers with offers or information on products. According to Arens, "Google is the most popular destination on the web reaching an astonishing 40 percent of all Web users each day" (pg 337). Search engines are only responsible for registering portal websites and their content and then delivery the results to the users who made requests for information. The following is an example of how a search engine works. A user uses the search

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