Social Media Advertising Essay

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How do advertisers promote alcohol products and their use through the internet and social media? Are young people likely to be affected by their advertising strategies?

Advertisements plays a huge part of our lives as it manipulates, or show a satisfaction moment that captures the feeling when purchasing a product. With this is mind, it does give us, as consumers, the reasons why we should purchase that brand (Lee, Choi, Quilliam & Cole, 2009). However to manipulate in buying a product, advertising and promotions industry do have ways on how to reel in the audience to buy the product. With young adults, or youth, are always on the internet, this is a channel alcohol companies are tapping into for getting more customers in. Alcohol is one
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To begin with, advertisements are content that people are being influenced to buy a certain kind of product, or to manipulate them to agree with a message or an idea the advertisements are trying to sell (Lee, Choi, Quilliam & Cole, 2009). Advertisements goals are to show brand awareness but also at the same time to create this reliability and relatability with the brand (Lee, Choi, Quilliam & Cole, 2009). There are many ways on how companies advertise their brands, either in traditionally, which is by print or currently, through social media and the internet. An example of this you would take is by Anheuser-Busch, a famous brewing company in the United States of America. They had a marketing method, which was called ‘sticky content’ meaning that the aim are for the customers to keep coming back to their website. Keeping this in mind, this method will then encourage the user friends to come to the website. (Bonnie & O 'Connell, 2003). Other strategy brewing companies have promoted through the web is adding on from other campaigns they might have started by print or in television. The way they use social media is by creating their campaign going ‘viral’ (McCreanor et al.,2013). An example of this is by a …show more content…
Facts have shown that in 2012, have influenced 73 fatal crashes, 331 serious injury crashes and 933 minor injury crashes. All of these combined, it has resulted to 93 deaths, 454 injuries and 1,331 minor injuries (Ministry of Health, 2013). Adding on to this, over 300 people have alcohol-related offences are made everyday and 52 people or people in groups are apprehended or have to be driven home due to a high level of intoxication. With that in mind, knowing that 15-17 have a highest rate in OECD, this shows concerns into how much of these numbers are young people (Ministry of Health,

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