Social Medi The Mob Project Essay

1340 Words Apr 20th, 2016 null Page
Social media is any form of technology that allows people to create and share information or participate in conversation. Forms of social media technology include twitter, facebook, television, blogs, forms of journalism, etc. These forms of technology cause events like the arab spring, the democratic uprising in the arab world, and panama papers, the largest leak of information in all of history. Social media also assist in the uncovering of criminals and those who we deem immoral, like members of the KKK or neo-nazis. Social media is one of the leading factor for the information technology revolution. It has become clear that these technological advancements have driven social media and justice into a direct relationship. Inhuman actions are now brought to the attention of the majority and swift justice on a global scale can now be dealt. Bill Wasik in his essay “My Crowd Experiment: The Mob Project” discusses the power of boredom, the bandwagon effect and the creation of memes and their relation to culture. Patrick Murphy explores the relationship between social media and justice in his article “Voice, Visibility, and Recognition: Vertical and Horizontal Trajectories of Human Rights and Social Justice Media”, clearly marking the importance of social media. There are infinite forms of social media but they all have in common their ability to relay information and start conversation. Social media can be divided in two interacting forms, the broadcast form and the forum…

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