Essay about Social Medi For The Kids Or Against?

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Social Media: For the kids or against?
Social media and the networks the derive from have just seemed to peek in popularity. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to name a just few. Technically you must be thirteen years old to even have a profile on Facebook but so many young children do. Even though Social media can be fun; it can ruin the youth who are learning how to write, they are going outdoors less, and their social interaction with other children drops drastically. Should we let them ruin their selves from writing complete sentences? I think not We should take a stand and not let the children of America suffer from the hands of technology. Besides most of us grew up with little technology so reducing there’s to allow them to live should be prevalent.
Going outdoors is essential to living. Nature is a true beauty and unfortunately it is being taken from us so we need to be out there. Children now a day spend so much time consumed with watching television, playing games or on their phones they do not know how to live. Going outside is a chore and sweating is gross. Why is it that when I was young I could stay outside till the street light came on and was excited to go out again the next day. I wanted to explore woods and make rope swings. The obesity rate amongst our youth today is staggering. They need to spend more time outside. Recess has been taken from most elementary schools and you will only get it in middle and high if you have P.E. The youth needs to…

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