Social Medi An Important Role Of Our Relationships Essay

1024 Words Feb 10th, 2016 5 Pages
Have you ever gotten close with a friend through social media? According to Pew Research Center social media sites play an important role of our friendships and peer relationships. Connecting us to new friends, learning more about them, and about yourself too. However some psychology researchers say social media distracts us from our real-life experience. But isn’t social media a big majority of our lives now? It’s time we stop arguing and realize that. Because social media improves human interaction it opens opportunities for new/keeping friendships, improves self esteem, and well-being. Social media opens opportunities for new friendships and keeping friendships. On twitter, most users will say One Direction fans called the directioners rule twitter. By ruling twitter, you trend tweets and hashtags. I’m also a directioner myself. Many of the directioners, has come close as a family and have met outside of social media sites. Chen states, “I met my best friend because of one direction and then my mother met her mother and now they’re close friends too and I think that’s beautiful” (@chenloves1d) Furthermore, this quote illustrates how people have something in common and becoming friends through social media. It shows how people can be in contact even though they’re miles away apart from each other. Opening opportunities and increasing human interaction. Social media sites plays a big role of friendships and connecting to others. This is one way social media sites…

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