Social Medi A Trending Resource Of Various Types Of Communication

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Social media is a trending resource of various types of communication. There are different online communities that connect people who are next to each other to those who are all over the world. In today’s society, it is hard to find an individual who does not have a social media account, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media is used to get through to so many people in an immediate approach. Aside from connecting with people, social media is now been publicized in politics. (Treuren) Barack Obama was a profound leader by using social media as a platform for the 2008 Presidential Election. He won his election by getting his message through to so many people because of social media. (Carr) After all, social media is a huge part in society’s lives, majority of political campaigns have a strong hold over different types of social networks. Those who involve social media for political reasons will have a bigger audience to reach and have an advantage over campaigns that do not use social media. I personally am not well aware of anything political. I am not the person to browse through different web pages or watch the news to find out what is taking place throughout the world. Because of social media, my political awareness has increased tremendously. I obviously know that the Presidential Election is currently the biggest political subject. The two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are all over the different social networking sites, mainly…

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