Social Medi A Bad Thing For Teenagers Essay

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Social Media
Social media can be a very bad thing for teenagers, adults and people of all ages. More people than not have access to social media and use it every day. “The latest statistics show that around 42% of online adults use multiple social networking sites” (Whiteman). Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are three of the main social media sites used by people everywhere. These sites are mostly used by teenagers, Twitter being the main one used. Although these sites can be useful and fun, there are many negative things that hardly anyone thinks about; the bad things happening on social media websites. It has been talked about everywhere how bad these pages can be, but does anyone really listen? Data has been counted up and discussed about this issue. “Researchers who use these large sets of data need to be especially cautious about the quality of the data and error it can produce” (Jayson). As a teen many things can be ruined in your life because of the bad on there. “Statistics show that overuse of social media has negative impacts on people, their relationships, communication, and several other aspects. Many people don’t realize how bad the impact of social media has gotten” (Jayson). Social media has a negative impact on its users. People who spend their time on social media lose opportunities because of the virtual world. These social media sites can be very addictive and you want to get on them more and more all the time, until you realize how much you are on…

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