Essay about Social Location

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Emily Pee
Mrs. Cook
Intro. To Sociology
August 26, 2014

Social Location

A person’s social location can affect a person from the time they are born to the time they actually reach the social location they want to obtain for their adult life. Social location has a lot to do with what gender you are, what race you are and where you are born, how you were raised and if you choose to continue being the person your parents brought up. Social location also deals with a person’s emotional attachment to how society looks at them. Everyone wants to be able to fit into society, which doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be accepted by the world. As we grow up we meet new people, whether it be a family member, a friend, or just a stranger
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Well, I am currently an unemployed student that lives with my parents, and was raised in the south. That may be how I perceive myself most times as a girl in the south where men usually do the hard labor, but how does society look at me? If I were to meet someone knew, and have them ask me the usually icebreaker questions, what are your interests, what is your status, where are you trying to go in the world? I would say that I have many interests such as art, music, nature, etc. I would also say that I am a student at Holmes Community College in the Engineering Tech. program, and that I wish to someday become a great architect or GPS mapper. Now, the person I’m talking to might think of me as a well-rounded twenty-one year old getting a great education. He also might have some of the same interests I have. Having this conversation with this fellow human being, and finding out that we have things in common or even just had the ability to accept each other enough to spark a conversation means he accepts my social location. How does my social location affect my behavior? Like I said previously I often see myself stuck as a student with no means of providing for myself. But in reality I am going to school for a major I enjoy, I have parents that love me, and I have a group of friends that are there for me. They may or may not be the friends society would choose for me because they did not have the opportunity to get an expensive

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