Social Learning Theory And The Rational Choice Theory Essay

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Regardless of what we think that we may know about each other, we may not really have a clue. Many theories have evolved throughout the years, even decades, on how to explain what makes a person act the way they do and the causes for these actions. Theories have been listed as being biological, psychological, and sociological. When looking into the causation of crimes, two theories I believe that really relate to crime causation are the social learning theory and the rational choice theory.
If you look back to the original social learning theory, you find it is largely about people learning from each other, and it shows how technology is not part of the equation. Social learning theory has four elements, each of which can be applied in organizations to improve learning and performance without the need for new technologies. These four elements are observational learning, reciprocal determinism, self-regulation, and self-efficacy.
The Social Learning Theory is viewed as a human behavior modeled through observation of human social interactions, either directly from observing those who are close to them, even intimate contact, or indirectly through the media. Interactions that are rewarded are imitated, while those that are punished are evaded. Theorists argue that people are not born with the ability to act violently; rather, they learn to be aggressive through their life experiences (Siegel, 2015). The Social Learning Theory has also been called a bridge between…

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