Social Justice Is The Cornerstone Of A Person 's Development Essay

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According to John Rawls, "Social justice is about assuring the protection of equal access to liberties, rights, and opportunities, as well as taking care of the least advantaged members of society (Department of Government and Justice Studies, 2016)." Education is a social institution that nearly all individuals spend a significant period of their life. Despite the outside factors that can influence people, knowledge can serve as the cornerstone of a person 's development. Schools are a social institution that provides access to more than just knowledge; it is a channel for various social services. With this being said, educators have unbelievable reach in the area of social justice. A school can use this powers to shape our future as American and as global citizens.
With further examination into social justice, we will see that many of the world 's issues can be solved by systematically addressed social justice issues within the United States and globally. According to ABC News, the topics that worry Americans a great deal include:
The availability and affordability of healthcare*
The economy*
The probability of future terrorist attacks in the U.S.
The Social Security system*
The size and power of the federal government
The way income and wealth are distributed in the U.S.*
Hunger and homelessness*
Crime and violence*
Illegal immigration*
Drug use*
The quality of the environment
The availability and affordability of energy*
Race relations*
Climate change…

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