Social Justice As A Goal And A Process Essay

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Adams, Bell, and Griffin (1997) describe social justice as both a goal and a process. “Full and equitable participation of people from all social identity groups in a society that is mutually shaped to meet their needs” (p. 28) is the goal. They go on to say “the process for attaining the goal of social justice should also be democratic and participatory, and respectful of human diversity and group differences, and inclusive and affirming of human agency and capacity for working collaboratively with others to create change” (p. 28). I view social justice as a call to action, not just warm and fuzzy high ideas of equality.
In my beliefs, higher education administrators should have a high level of social consciousness. It is not enough to simply have a heart for students and student success. Being socially conscious includes being aware of the dominant culture in our society and how it can be oppressive to those who do not fit the mold of that culture. White culture as a cultural norm can be detrimental to the success of some students while giving an unfair advantage to others.
The multiculturally competent higher education administrator is constantly working to raise their awareness and sharpen their skills in addressing diversity and social justice issues (Watt, 2007). I would consider the last institution in which I worked to be extremely diverse. However, I did not feel the push for social justice in that environment that I felt when I became a part of the Office of…

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