Essay on Social Justice And The Lgbt Community

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This summer, the SCOTUS ruled that LGBT Americans everywhere in the US have the right to get married. Some groups lauded the court’s decision, other condemned it. However, it has been decided. The next step towards social justice and equality from LGBT people is federal nondiscrimination protections for the LGBT community. Even though popular media sources from both sides of the issue try and frame this as an issue about the right of LGBT to feel non-threatened in their workplace or the rights of individuals business owners to run their businesses without fiscally harmful government regulation, these sides ignore the ideas that if federal protection are mandated, it will not solve de facto discrimination, and that federal nondiscrimination laws will help businesses as a whole.

Before the interpretation different medium have about federal work protections can be examined, federal work protections must first be examines in the context of social justice. Social justice can be defined as the idea that all individuals in communities “should be treated with decency and humanity (Michael),” social institutions “should be designed to promote a more equitable distribution of... rights”, and the process which fosters more equal distribution should be fair, democratic, and open to everyone.” Federal nondiscrimination protections would help LGBT people be treated with the same decency as heterosexual people, those protections would promote a more equitable distribution of the…

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