Essay on Social Justice And The Legal System

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As part of the Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE), the Speaker Series class offers the students the opportunity of participating in several events, which raise awareness on some of the issues that our society faces nowadays. This class allows students to be more involved in the community and teaches them that every voice can have an impact in a problem and every voice deserves to be heard. During the Fall semester 2016, I participated in four events: Truth Telling: Promoting Healing, Change, and Joy for the Movement!, Hispanic Americans: Civil Rights, Social Justice and the Legal System - Where Policy Meets Practice, 14: Dred Scott, Wong Kim Ark & Vanessa Lopez, and How to Loiter. Although these events might seem different in nature, they all helped me understand the situation that minority groups are living in this country. I was familiar with some of the issues, but I had no idea about others. The Truth-Telling event was led by Dr. David Ragland, a founding member and Co-Director of the Truth Telling Project, Dr. Cris Toffolo, a professor and Chair of the Justice Studies Department at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, and Steff Reed, a musical artist. Together they shed light on some of the challenges that African Americans have to deal with. We were introduced to the Truth Telling Project, a project that allows local voices to share their experiences with racism with the purpose of educating others and promoting healing within the…

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