Essay on Social Issues Of The United States

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Social issues, to a certain degree, shape the way we go about American politics in the 21st century. The ever-expanding rift between modern day liberals and conservatives is largely consisting of a number of pressing social matters. Abortion, drug laws, racial and religious equality, same-sex marriage, education policies and many more controversial subjects cause a lot of uproar for politicians and citizens alike. From religious affiliations to conceptions of what true liberty is, there are a number of reasons why the population differs from one another when viewing these topics; however, distinguishing correlation from causation should be a driving force in forming our opinions around what action should take place when dealing with these issues as a nation. And as a democratic republic, it is especially important for delegates in political power to understand the difference as well, because without it, they might not provide an accurate representation for their voters. Islam for example, has been a subject of controversy in the past 15 years here in the U.S. Terrorist attacks against the U.S. such as the events of 9/11 and the Boston Marathon have lead some people to believe all Muslims are as guilty as the parties who performed such disastrous acts. This “guilty by association” attitude towards people of Islamic descent directly roots from a misunderstanding between correlation and causation. Despite being founded on ideals no more violent than Christianity or many other…

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