Social Issues In The Great Gatsby

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Francis Scott Fitzgerald, well known as the author of The Great Gatsby born in St Paul, Minnesota in 1896. His family was really poor. However, with the financial support from his mother’s side, he was able to continue study. In 1917, Fitzgerald participated in WWI. There, he met Zelda Sayre, who did not like him at first because he was poor. The Side of Paradise is the first novel he wrote when he came back from the war. Zelda did not show love toward him until the book was published in 1920 and became famous. Fitzgerald began to live well after publish several popular novels. The Great Gatsby, published in 1925 on the other hand gave him a critical comment. By this, he stopped writing and in 1940, he passed away due to a heart attack.
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This novel was officially published in 1925, when the Jazz Age was going on for a group of rich young people living in New York. There are some parts related with the Roaring Twenties in The Great Gatsby. Gatsby’s lavish parties, luxury cars and carelessness of Buchanan were the signs of enjoyment. The high standard of life was the result of the war. Wild celebration, bootlegging, and illegal gambling were common in the United States at that period and led to corruption. Moreover the cheating in sports games were common too. All these things are mentioned in The Great Gatsby. To be specific, Jordan Baker is a notorious woman who cheated at golf and Jay Gatsby is doubted of being a murderer and bootlegger.
Materialism occurred with the rapid prosperity of 1920s. People did anything do achieve power and money. The pleasure-seeking changed the atmosphere of life in New York. All people were addicted to this mood and cocktail party was the popular one, where people gathered for dancing, gossiping and drinking. Fitzgerald depicted the lavish celebration in chapter 3 of The Great Gatsby. The abundant food, the noise, the huge crowd displayed the society’s atmosphere during that
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He was born in poor family, so he worked hard to acquire great wealth and girl he loved. He also embodied the negative aspects of the dream, the isolation and the materialism. To gain Daisy back was one of the reasons that he worked so hard. He believed that he can buy love with money. However, when he met Daisy again, most things about her disappointed him. Her fabulous voice was the only thing that attracted him. Gatsby even said to Nick, “Her voice is full of money”. In the end, Gatsby is destroyed by his delusion, just like the valley of ashes. In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald presented the impossibility of achieving the American dream and the emptiness of American

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