Social Issues In South Korea

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South Korea South Korea was once one of the poorest country in its region, its development over the past fifty years is remarkable considering its dark history. The peninsula, that was once a part of the Japanese Empire became the property of The Soviets and The Americans after World War ll. The possession of this country between these two opposing world forces only laid the foundation for further conflict. With The Soviets believing in Communism and the Americans practicing Capitalism it was not long before the Korean War took off. The Korean War was short but bloody according to the History staff “Nearly 5 million people died,” (History Despite its mass casualties South Korea have emerged as one of the world most developed countries with a robust economy, …show more content…
Koreans were once under a dynastic system as a result of the colonization of the Japanese. After World War ll, Japan lost possession of the peninsula and it became the property to The Soviets and America. After three years of war America occupied the southern half of the region where it implemented democracy into a region that was once ruled autocratically. South Korean is now governed by a system in which government is shared by three branches. Funk and Wagnall (2016) highlights the three branches of the South Korean government as the executive who is the president who is elected to serve a five-year term, the legislature which have 300 members all of which serve for 4 years, and the judiciary which serves in the highest court in in South Korea which is the Supreme court where jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases are executed. Just like the United States the President is the Commander in Chief however South Korean men are required to complete at least 21 months of service in the military while the United States has an all-volunteer

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