Social Issues In Harry Potter

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The story of Harry Potter hit the world by storm. Even people who haven’t read a Harry Potter book or seen a Harry Potter movie, have heard of the famous character. J.K Rowling not only made one of the most successful young adult book series of its time. But she has made it so young adult literature is not just for children but for adults too. Along with her massive success with Harry Potter, she provided that young adult literature is just as good as regular adult literature. In the world of Harry Potter, Rowling has worked real life issues into the wizarding world. She has put the issues of society, politics and history into the world of Harry Potter.
Before Rowling took the world by storm with the story of Harry Potter. She started
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She is also showing the readers how some upper class wealthy families will look down on others that aren’t in the same social class as them. Real life expenses has helped Rowling in developing this kind of system because she has been poor living paycheck to paycheck and then she becoming one of the most wealthy women in Great Britain. By representing the different social issues it shows young adults the different issues between social classes, But she is also showing how their are ways people can come together to change that way of thinking and make the world a more united …show more content…
Rowling does this in book 4, when Harry learns about the history of his godfather sirius black’s family. “.. Harry’s godfather and pure-blood wizard, explains to Harry the reason why most of the black family supported Voldemort. Sirius say, “they thought Voldemort had the right idea...getting rid of Muggle-born and having purebloods in charge”” (Vollmer 3). When Voldemort firsted tried to take over the wizarding. He almost achieved this take over by getting most of the wealthy pureblood wizards to support him. At the time most purebloods thought this was a good idea to have only pureblood witches and wizards in charge of the wizarding world. But after Voldemort 's first “death” the number of pureblood families started to drop. “ Voldemort realizes, like many other wizards, that there are not enough purebloods in existence to purify the Wizarding race”(Vollmer 3). Voldemort gets to this realization after his rebirth. This point is also echoed throughout books 4 and 5. By having this point echoed throughout the series Rowling gives the reader a look on how Voldemort didn’t learn from his last death and that their isn’t a real possible way to purify the wizarding

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