Essay on Social Issues And The Church Responsibility

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Social Issues and the church responsibility. The presenter stated, that Fredrick Douglas blamed the southern church for slavery and the church allowed such a negative act toward African America. Douglas was heartbroken that church and Christian had this attitude toward mankind. Douglas believed wholehearted that anyone that were antislavery were viewed as true Christians. The presenter also, expressed that Charles Finney believed that slavery was satanic attack against God. Finney believed that humans effected the movement of the Holy Spirit because of our sin nature. Fredrick Douglas was very proactive to social issues, while Finney took on the voice of being defensive to church and social issues. Because our forefathers did not address these issues, we today have these same issues with just another face. The issues of transgender, abortions, wars, human slavery and human sex trafficking, just to name a few. I agree that the Church should have and needs to have a voice on any injustice toward mankind. One tends to believe that the church has taken on this 500 tax declaration. Because of this declaration this status has placed a muzzle over the voice of the church. Now, I believe that the Church should not place their Trust in man for finances. Yes, God does operate on the sowing and reaping concept. But we have to place our Trust in God for finances for the church, this declaration should not have any barrier on the voice. We should not compromise our voice for money.…

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