Essay on Social Issue On The Two Types Of Media

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IV. Findings
The findings of the research are separated in three sections: the first part is the main issues proposed in the 25 news articles, and the second part is the results of content analysis of tweets. The final part will discuss the differences and similarities of the discussion about the social issue on the two types of media in detail.
A. Six key points of the 25 news reports
B. Findings about the 250 tweets
The absolute findings resulted from content analysis will be discussed without the analysis about the figures (It will be further compared to reports of mainstream media in the next part).
Regarding the types of the tweets that contain #toryelectionfraud, most (72.99%) are automatic retweet. The manual retweets that added either comments or inquiries to the original tweet also accounts for a relatively large part. Original content is an important type as it shows the most creative part of the tweets posted by the users, providing diverse discussions contained in the text or image.

In terms of sentiment, “negative” make up 72% of the whole sample as a predominant attitude among the users. Neutral attitude showed on the tweets exceeds positive attitude, representing 26% and 2% respectively.

Basing on the key points founded earlier, the main themes are figured out and coded as the only theme of each tweet. There were a large number of tweets (37.95%) complained about BBC’s nonfeasance as gatekeeper to report this specific issue, as the public service…

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