Essay on Social Interaction Within Public Spaces

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Social Interaction in Public Spaces In this final paper, I am focused on people’s interaction in public restaurants, and how I could find connections to our class concept. Similarly to my second paper, I decided to do participant observation again because it works better for me. Purposely, I opted to observe to restaurants that are different in many aspects, especially in the people that often go to these restaurants. I did my observation in the Epic Café and Athens on the 4th Avenue. The environment in both restaurants is very different, and it seems that the Athens is mostly visited by people from the middle or higher classes. Thus, you will be reading a lot about social interaction, class and a little bit of race, so I want to make sure that you understand it by defining them. According to, “Social interaction is an exchange between two or more individuals and is building block of society.” Thus, our book defines class as, “A system of power based on wealth, income, and status that creates an unequal distribution of a society’s resources” (Guest 395). In my observation I was able to notice that people in fancy restaurants are more likely to judge and discriminate others based on their physical appearance, social status, and who they come with. The Athens restaurant is mostly frequented by families and couples, and they all seem to be in good social position. Through my observation in two public restaurants I noticed that most of the social interactions…

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