Essay Social Interaction Within An Organization

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Social interaction between individuals is integral to many of the activities in the innovation process, such as idea generation and problem solving, knowledge sharing and creation. More specifically, social interaction is important for: spanning organisational boundaries – both internally and externally; transferring tacit knowledge – since such knowledge cannot be codified and shared electronically; the bringing together of knowledge that is typically distributed across and beyond the organisation; the coordination of activities and reduction in the duplication of activities; the generation of the potential for serendipity through chance encounters; and the development of common understandings and the building of trust – vital for the transfer of knowledge and positive team dynamics. Social interaction can be helped or hindered by the mode of organising used within the organisation (i.e. ‘organic’ versus ‘mechanistic’), the culture and climate of the organisation, and the manner in which the workspace is designed. An understanding of the political environment within an organisation is important is fully understanding its innovation process. Organisational politics can be seen to surface due to: the need to select ideas and prioritise projects in order to allocate scarce resources; ideas, solutions, and innovation projects are often a “lobbying point around which collective action mobilizes” (Van de Ven 1988: 107); the different interests present within different functions…

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