Social Interaction With The Rock Band Kiss Teamed Up With Hiring Our Heroes

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Being in a band takes heart, passion, talent, and determination to go the distance. In the process, whether it is on the stage or off, a lot of sociological concepts come into play. The first being, social interaction. Being a musician engages communication with fans, managers, other musicians, etc. This can have both positive and negative outcomes. For example, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the rock band KISS teamed up with Hiring Our Heroes to give veterans a chance to be roadies for a day each U.S concert, to donate a limited amount of tickets to veterans, and at least three of their concerts (Springfield, MO, Portland, OR, and Colorado Springs,CO) KISS donated $150,000 to this organization. This would be considered a positive social interaction with the fans. A negative example would be, according to, Jim Morrison of The Doors had passed out on stage (and has had a history of missing studio sessions) due to the substance abuse of narcotics before the show. This had an affect on the fans, musicians, and the managers. The point being, social interaction can be an individual or group’s influence toward a person to have them partake in good or bad deeds and for that same person to have the responsibility of being a role model, to have an affect on the people around them. One of the most beautiful concepts of music is that their have been numerous amounts of people from different cultures and races that have had a herculaneum…

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