Social Interaction: Social Reaction Of The Three Idiots

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The Three Idiots (2009) is the best film I ever watched in my life. Not only the film that interesting done, but also its contents which interpret many society problems through the story. This essay is written about what messages I have received from this film. Including how those messages related to the development. First of all, the pressure from society and family. There are many scenes which talking and showing the audience about how serious the characters are suffer with their education and work. Everyone need to get their diploma and the best job to improve their family life and society reputation. If you do not get the job your family will starve, even though you get a job, not the best, you failed in society. Joy and Raju are the best examples for this matter. Joy has re-enrolled his 4th year many times because his project seen impossible by the professors and the students. Raju need to get a better GPA to …show more content…
They are memorizing every single words inside the book instead declaring their own ideas or thinking about the topic by themselves as the bookworm character, Shatuer. A lots of people believe in the same idea with Shatuer that this method will lead them to succession. “If you win,Will your knowledge increase? ….No, just the pressure. ” However, Racho, our main character show us the opposite education idea. While everyone detained themselves inside the box, he is the only one who jump out. When everybody thinking about the competition, Racho was engrossed by challenging himself with new studies. In the end, Racho has become his own boss, but Shatuer is just an ordinary employment because he never thinking about creation but following the prepared procedure. In a nutshell, the reason for undevelopment is there is no changes in ideas and people just keep their mind on an old-school idea without doubting them so there is no moves in

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