Social Interaction Is The Way People Talk, And Act With One Another

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Social Interaction is the way people talk, and act with one another. Social interaction includes many different things like the way one eats with their family, cashiers and shoppers, War, nonverbal communications, getting directions, and how we dress. It is how one presents themselves; therefore, it is also how the world perceives us and others judge us.

Status plays a huge role in Interaction, Status helps us define our relationship to others. Status also helps us understand the person better, what their role is, what they do and what type of status they have. A status can be anything from a son/daughter , a sister/brother, a third baseman in baseball, a graduate, to a lawyer or teacher. The status set changes over time. Sometimes a person can get an ascribed status which is a “ Social position a person receives at birth or takes on involuntarily later in life” Race, Sex, Birth order and many other things are considered ascribed status. Achieved status though refers to a “social position a person takes on voluntarily that reflects personally ability and effort” Being an athlete, doctor, and psychologist. Achieved status is something someone works very hard for.

Role is another big part in social interaction. Role set is used to define many people 's lives and how they differ from society to society. Holding a role set is a very difficult job to do, one person can have many different roles sets as Mother/Husband, A father to his son, or a Professor with a teaching…

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