Social Interaction, Social Communication And Self-Esteem

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Self-esteem is a fundamental part of who we are, it show the attitude of people when they facing their inner self.

Self-esteem is means how we value ourselves, it indicates that how people evaluate their contribution and self-image (Hanna 2002). Self-esteem affects our relationships, thoughts, performances in academic and work, nearly every part in people’s lives. Therefore, self-esteem is a very crucial element for the people to grow up healthily and build a positive self-image when they are in the beginning stage of life.

However, people with low self-esteem are always unhappy because they think they are not good enough and don’t deserve to get love and care from others. They deny their ability when facing challenging or troubles, they
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These four factors happen in our daily life with interacting with others. It seems to be unremarkable things, but it really affect how people to construct their self-esteem indeed. This essay will explore how social interaction, social information, social comparison and self-observation affect self-esteem, especially in the stage of early life, and the ways to rebuild and …show more content…
Comparison can be a driving force that makes people doing better when they know their strength and weakness by comparing others. However, comparing a lot also can be damaging. Frequent Social Comparisons will frustrate people, let them believe that they are less competent and not good as others. My brother is an outstanding and smart person, he gets many people’s favors since he was studying at primary school. I believe that I will never as good as him. We were studying at the same primary school, my brother can easily draw the attention from schoolmates and teachers because of his impressive performances. I tried to push myself to be a smart guy as him, I studied very hard and wanted to be a person like my brother just because I want to get compliment from my parent. I felt frightened with reunion with my relatives on festivals, my aunts often talk about their smarty kids and show off the awards their kids won at the competitions. I felt ashamed of myself because I cannot make my parent proud of what I

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