Essay on Social Insurance And Cash Relief Welfare Programs

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Explain the difference between social insurance and cash relief welfare programs and give one example of each one. Social insurance and cash relief welfare programs are important parts of our nation’s system of benefits and programs that help maintain our society. Social insurance is a safety net for everyone that is part of the society; we have this program because of the taxes we pay, it is government guaranteed. It is similar to private sector insurance because they only provide for us when certain circumstances occur. On top of that, one can only receive this benefit if they have paid into it. So if someone has not paid into or contributed to a social insurance program, they will not receive the benefit. Social insurance comes from an institutional model, meaning when services like retirement, death benefits, unemployment and disability are use, it is expected of the human condition and a normal part of life, there isn 't a stigma attached and is society’s responsibility. For example, what if you worked construction and while building a roof you had fallen through, now you are hurt and can’t work for 6 months. How do you survive? Well you could apply for disability and use the money from that to survive until you are able to work again. Cash relief is another program that helps maintain a society and allows it to function. The major difference between social insurance and cash relief is you must be eligible to have cash relief and do not have to pay tax to be…

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