Social Influence Of Obedience

Obedience can be defined as a form of social influence whereby the individual acts in a response to an order which is usually from an authority figure. It may well be that without such an instruction the individual may not have acted in this way. It can be seen as a necessary aspect of a society that individuals are obedient and show a respect for the rule of law and order. Obedience can help maintain a certain level of social cohesion, however if it is misdirected and individuals are unquestioningly obedient then abuses can occur. Obedience can be influenced by varying factors one of them being the influence of others upon an individual who is receiving the orders. This essay will look at how this can happen and what perhaps are the factors behind such circumstances in determining why some people will follow orders even when they are immoral. …show more content…
If nobody obeyed any orders we could end up with anarchy .However, when these institutions become corrupted and no longer act according to what can be deemed as morally correct then some will either disobey and attempt to resist or others will just blindly follow them without question. It can be that some obey through fear of retribution, whilst some obey because they agree with the orders even if they are morally

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