Essay about Social Inequality

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Section I - Dimensions of Social Inequality
Begin by identifying yourself on the dimensions commonly associated with social inequalities: social class (income, wealth, (current and intended) education level, occupational prestige (associated with current or planned career), race, ethnicity, and gender. In addition, you might also identify yourself on dimensions associated with less traditional inequalities, such as national origin,, sexual identity or preference, age, weight, able-bodiedness, and so forth. Explain where you fit and how that affects the life chances for you and others like you. Use theoretical concepts and empirical findings from class materials, other relevant research, and archival data sources to describe and analyze
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My current goal is to become a guidance counselor for middle school aged children. I think the gratification of helping young teenagers make the right decisions and help them grow and make the right choices is very appealing to me. I do not know where that would rank on a level of prestige but to me it is the ultimate giving back and helping my community grow in a positive more observant manner. Being of African-American, Japanese, and German decent, I have experienced a lot just from being mixed. I am one of the 2.5 percent in the United States that classify myself as multiracial. The social inequalities I have met have made me stronger as a person and would be easy for me to pass that along to not only individuals that are like me but individuals that are not. I could help them see a different view if I could relate to what they think this is why I am getting my degree in Psychology. Being from a “mixed” background and coming from a middle class to currently upper middle class family would be ideal. It can give children who are like me the hope and dreams that you can make the correct decisions in order to make an impact on other peoples lives. Another contribution that could be made with me being multi-cultural is being able to relate to such a diverse group of students. It would be good for them to see a strong multi cultural male figure guiding them to make

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