Social Inequality And Wealth Distribution Essay

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Social inequality is existent in every social structure. Social inequality is favoritism. Social inequality and wealth distribution denotes the irrational allocation of natural and economic resources that leaves others poorer while others become richer following greed that is typically initiated by access and control of power organs as echoed by figure 1, (Cumming et al. 2). Inequality is simply unfairness or conflicting expressions upon a subject as depicted by figure 2. Social inequality as pointed out by sociologists refers to the breach of socialism, which is essentially the expression of love, unity, and brotherhood that espouse the equal sharing of economic resources and services.
The proliferation of constitutionalism marked the evolution of social systems to civilized social set up that guaranteed the non-subjective and inclinational/ favoritism in the regulation of methods of accessing and utilizing the social services and resources. Different social positions or statuses existing in the societies influences patterns of natural distribution resources for the overall welfare of the community. Wealth is viewed as the total worth or value of finance minus debts that an individual accumulates. The method of wealth accumulation is subject to the public debate so as to enhance transparency and fairness in the acquisition and use of resources (Cumming et al. 4). Diverse aspects fuel the discrimination in the equal access and utilization of economic resources results.…

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